McREL Evaluation System Information
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    TEACHNJ and AchieveNJ
    The TEACHNJ Act is our state's tenure reform law that was passed in August, 2012. It defined, in broad strokes, the way the new evaluation system in New Jersey will look. Please click HERE to read the Teacher Effectiveness and Accountability for the Children of New Jersey (TEACHNJ) Act in its entirety.
    AchieveNJ provides the details and support structures necessary to allow districts to implement the new legislation effectively. Please visit the following link: http://www.nj.gov/education/AchieveNJ/ for answers to specific questions on the new regulations for both tenure and evaluation.
    Why McREL?
    The state’s reform agenda requires a new Teacher Evaluation System which includes student achievement data and a state approved Classroom Observation Tool. After reviewing a number of Classroom Observation Tools, the District Evaluation Advisory Committee (DEAC) narrowed their choice to two systems: Danielson Teachscape 2011 and McREL. Both systems had the following strengths:

    ·        Rubric criteria based on quality research

    ·        Categories that align to the new standard directive of four levels: ineffective, partially effective, effective, highly effective

    ·        Quality professional development opportunities

    ·        Inter-rater reliability elements included

    ·        Web-based data warehouse

    ·        State approved; meeting state requirements for EE4NJ (include requirements outline from DOE)


    After careful consideration, the DEAC chose to move to a new system, McREL, due to the following reasons:

    ·        Fresh, new approach to stimulate dialogue.

    ·        Similar rubric approach with some new domains/elements/indicators that can add to the dialogue for improvement

    ·        Language in rubric focuses on development (encouraging improvement) more than measurement (rank and rate teachers)

    ·        Technology ease/efficiency of use; includes more transparency than other systems

    ·        Walk-through component strong

    ·        McREL principal evaluation system is better aligned to the McREL teacher system (less philosophical and more practical tool) than other system partnerships

    ·        Promotes greater self-reflection with a quality self-assessment component

    ·        There are advantages to all teachers and administrators learning a new system together at the same time for the first time (less false assumptions of a prior rubric)

    Information on the McREL Teacher Evaluation System:
    This evaluation instrument, constructed by the Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL), is based on elements of a 21st Century education and a set of rigorous research-based guidelines. The instrument is designed to promote effective leadership, quality teaching, and student learning while enhancing professional practice and leading to improved instruction.  More information on the McREL Teacher Evaluation System 
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