paint brush with colors

    Art Program Overview
    At Chairville School, every student enjoys art once a week. We have a lot of fun and learn so much...it's even okay to get messy sometimes! Our projects and lessons meet the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and fulfill our district's own art curriculum.

    We provide a variety of art experiences to help children develop their fine motor skills, aesthetic awareness, and their ability to think critically. We also give our students the opportunity to work in cooperative groups, problem solve, and to think imaginatively.

    Art gives children the experience of relating to our culture and historical past. Each grade level spends time looking at and discussing the art of other cultures and times. We have units on Egypt, French Impressionism, and Native American Art and Culture...just to name a few! Children look at the art that has been done throughout human history, from cave painting to Pop Art.

    The thought processes that are required to do art transfer to all of the academic settings children encounter. Art helps to make our children better students in all other areas of study.

    Although the visual arts are just that, primarily visual, children are often asked to verbalize their impressions and opinions when looking at prints, paintings in a museum, or their own work. This helps to promote a child's ability to verbalize clearly and to think critically.

    Our art program offers a broad range of experiences to our children involving parents, the community and regional resources.

    Student Art Show
    The Student Art Show in the spring. Students and families are thrilled to see pieces of their work up for display around the entire school. It is a very special event! For more information on the Student Art Show, click on the link.