• Shopping Spree!!!!


    Congratulations!  You've won Medford's "Most Well-Behaved Child" Award.  The mayor asks you to attend a ceremony so you can be awarded your prize.  In front of a crowd of your peers and fellow townspeople, the mayor announces your name as the winner.  Amidst thunderous applause, you approach the podium, anxiously waiting to learn the nature of your prize.  The mayor states proudly, "We'd like to award the "Most Well-Behaved Child" in Medford with a $1,000 Toy Shopping Spree!"  You can't believe your ears!  You immediately begin dreaming of the fabulous toys, games, books and electronics you'll be able to buy with that much money.  You're so deep into your fantasy that you almost miss what the mayor says next, "There is one catch to this prize money...you must spend all of the money.  You must use exactly $1,000 on your items.  Not one penny more, nor one penny less. Of course, you must add 7% tax to your purchases..this is New Jersey, you know." 

    Oh no....that sounds like a LOT OF MATH!

    Fortunately, you know how to use the spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel.  We'll create a spreadsheet similar to this example.   It will allow us to continually add up our grand total as we shop online.

    Use the following websites to shop!  Enjoy!



    Good Luck and Good Shopping!
    • You may only purchase one or two of each item.
    • Copy/Paste the hyperlink for the web page on which you found the toy.
    • You may only purchase items that a fourth grade child would want to own. 
    • If you need to delete something from your spreadsheet, delete the words/numbers in columns A, B, C and D.  Do not erase column E.  If you do, the formulas will be erased as well.
    *** edited by Mrs. Green