• When your child is absent from school:



    In the event a pupil is to be absent from school, a parent(s)/guardian(s) is required to call and notify the office regarding the absence (609-654-7707 option # 3 or you may email Ms. Kennealy at  memorialattendance@medford.k12.nj.us ). Calls should be made at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the opening of school. Calls will be received by an answering device twenty-four (24) hours a day. The parent(s)/guardian(s) should indicate the pupil's name, homeroom teacher, date of absence(s) and reason for the absence(s).

    A pupil returning from an absence of any length must submit to the homeroom teacher a note stating the reason for the absence, dated and signed by the parent(s)/guardian(s). A physician's note explaining the pupil's absence for five (5) or more days is required. It is recommended that a physician's note be obtained for all visits. Children participating in “Take Our Children to Work Day” (fourth Tuesday in April) will be considered absent (excused absence if school is notified).


    In order to participate in a co-curricular activity, students must be in school for no less than 3.5 hours of any given full session school day. Any pupil who goes home due to medical reasons may not participate in any activity held later the same day.


    Absences due to vacations will be counted in the total number of days absent from school. The following guidelines must be followed relative to absences that will result due to a vacation:

    • When vacations during the school year are planned by parents, a written notice is to be sent to the school at least one week in advance of the intended vacation. Students will obtain their assignments upon returning to school.
    • Students absent for five days or more miss a substantial amount of class work. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that missed assignments are completed.
    • Upon return from vacation, the student will be provided time to make-up missed assignments as follows:
    • School Days Absent ======>Calendar Day to Make-Up Work

    1 day ============> 1 day

    2-6 days ==========> 3 days

    7 or more days =====> 5 days

    Upon returning to school after an illness, students should meet with each individual teacher to arrange a work make-up schedule within a reasonable period of time. If a student is absent three consecutive days, a parent(s) or guardian(s) may contact the guidance office for missed assignments. (609-654-7707 ext. 8323 or via email mlamb@medford.k12.nj.us) The work will be available the following day at 3:00 P.M. for pick up. Elementary students who are absent should check with friends; Middle School students should check with friends and/check the teachers websites.